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Kylflänsar och heatpipes

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  • How the Heat Pipe works
  • How the Heat Pipe works

Almost every luminaire needs a cooling solution to keep on working. From our selection, you will find traditional passive heat sinks and new active Heat Pipes from Furukawa Electric. All our cooling solutions are compabtible with our COBs. 

Furukawa HYC Series

By utilizing the heat pipe technology the Furukawa HYC series has achieved less than half of the weight of a traditional die cast heat sink. The Heat Pipe is a very effective thermal conductive device used for example in satellites. It is simply made of copper and water and it works without any electric power. The thermal conductivity rate is almost 200 times that of plain copper. The life cycle of a heat pipe is over 20 years.

The problem with traditional heat sinks is that heat is not distributed evenly to the fins of the heat sink. The Heat Pipe helps the heat reach the furthest edges of the fins as well, which results in more effective cooling.

The series is ideal for cooling high power LEDs that are mainly used in industrial and outdoor lighting. By simply using standard lighting components such as COB module, holder, lens, and driver with HYC, you can easily design and assemble your own LED luminaire that now can be considerably smaller, thanks to the compact size of the Heat Pipe.

The compact size also means that luminaires using Heat Pipe are much smaller and lighter compared to luminaires using traditional heat sinks. This means that the installations and transportation is easier and cheaper.

From the table below you can find most of our cooling solutions. If you can't find suitable product, please contact us.

Product code

Power Thermal resistance Material Finish Weight (kg) Compatibility


1300.554Aluminum/copper Matte Black0.7CLU048/CLU058


1300.554Aluminum/copperMatte Black0.7CLU048/CLU058


2200.305Aluminum/copperMatte Black1CLU048/CLU058


2200.305Aluminum/copperMatte Black1CLU048/CLU058