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aLED AURA+ LED Drivers

  • aLED AURA+ 8W LED Driver
  • aLED AURA+ 10W LED Driver
  • aLED AURA+ 10W DC-to-DC LED Driver

The new aLED AURA+ LED driver series is designed with the needs of the lighting industry in mind. All the drivers have great compatibility with aLED products and other components, like COBs and sensors. 

Aura+ series reflects the Nordic "sisu" power and mindsets. The drivers are a reliable choice even for the most demanding users while they work in extreme conditions. The voltage ranges are perfect for COB LEDs and they meet the latest EU standards.  

Small-size, easy-to-use, high-quality, affordable pricing and low inrush current are game-changers in the driver business. 

This is the LED driver series the lighting industry has been waiting for, and now it's here. 

Here are some features of the series:

  • Super Small-Sized
  • IP67 (Also available IP20 DIP-Switch models that are half potted)
  • Constant Current Powers 0.7W~40W
  • Current Ranges From 120mA~1200mA
  • Output Voltage ranges 2~52VDC
  • aLED Drivers Suitable for Lumen ranges 100lm~6500lm
  • All Models with Wires
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Suitable for COB Voltage Ranges
  • Compatible with Sensors (Set up time only <0.5S at 230Vac full load)
  • Non-dimmable, DALI, TRIAC, 0-10V
  • Constant Current and Constant Voltage Models
  • Compatible to Newest EU Regulations

It's easy, it's aLED.

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