Cable Blockers for Secure Lighting Installations

Cable Blocker 206
  • Cable Blocker 206
  • Cable Blocker 210
  • Cable Blocker 216
  • Cable Blocker 218
  • Cable Blocker 219
  • Cable Blocker 219A
  • Cable Blocker 241
  • Cable Blocker 279
  • Cable Blocker 281
  • Cable Blocker 282
  • Cable Blocker 283

Our cable blockers are extremely user friendly and fast to install. We ship the devices from our own warehouse, guaranteeing a short delivery time. 

Our cable blocking devices are used in demanding applications, for example in automotive and hardware industry. Recommended weights for devices vary from 7 to 100 kilograms, so the stronger cable blockers can hold even heavy loads of lighting equipment. Cable’s diameter varies from 1,2 to 2,5 millimetres.

You’ll find the most common models of our cable blockers in the pictures above. Our product manager is happy to help you finding the right device for your application.