New MK350S is here


We now introduce: the new MK350S LED-meter. It follows the same path with MK350N, but introduces new functions for more demanding users. MK350N is still available and well suited for basic users. 

New features include:
1. Compare tool

Ability to compare two light sources

2. Specific CRI

Ability to measure CRI values for R1 to R15 independently

3. Bin Ranking

Ability to sort LEDs by binning

4. Visual LUX

See what is bright and where you need more light

5. Crosshairs to aim measurement

Know that you hit the light source every time

New meter is also 100% standalone, so there is no need for separate device for userinterface. Despite that, it is fully compatible with PC and with iOS and Android device, thanks to it's wireless capabilities. MK350S can measure over 30 features of lighting.

Product info