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Light Made Simple

We are pleased to announce our new aLED Modules. aLED branded modules are given certain guarantees as they have been manufactured with care and designed from our customers' point of view. We are happy to tell you these guarantees:  

All aLED Modules Include:

  • 5 Years Warranty
  • 48h Delivery from Stock
  • Minimal Variations in Chromaticity
  • Carefully Selected Components
  • Great Possibilities for Customization
  • Best Price

We aim to make the selection of right products as easy as possible for our customers. That is the reason for aLED. We choose the products and give them our brand. The brand stands for quality and tells that the product has undergone a very tight selection process. For example to be labelled as aLED modules, the product has to have: 

  • Top quality high reflectivity mask
  • High heat conductive aluminium PCB
  • High quality connectors

aLED product family will expand further in the future. We are carefully choosing suitable products and making sure that they fit together with aLED modules. 

Tero Nurmi    Tero Nurmi
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    aLED Modules

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