Announcement from UPRtek


UPRtek has made an announcement regarding fraud companies claiming to represent their products: 

"It has come to our attention that RUIMINGSI operates a web site of, where the product MK350 is being displayed and marketed. No permission, or license to conduct such business has been issued to RUIMINGSI from UPRtek. Furthermore, we believe RUIMINGSI maybe committing an act of fraud in that they are providing instructions to potential customers for processing payments without actually providing the product. 

We would like to state in this letter that we are not responsible in any way for the actions being conducted by RUIMINGSI and their actions have violated the rights and brand name reputation of UPRtek. In order to protect the rights of any customers misled by RUIMINGSI into believing them to be the original manufacturer, or an authorized representative of the products of UPRtek; and, to prevent any further damage to our company's reputation, we have advised our legal department to initiate an investigation into this matter and to take whatever legal steps are necessary against RUIMINGSI.  Also, we are asking all of our authorized and legal representatives to closely monitor the operations of this company and to constantly remind customers to check and recheck the marketing terms, including the price of any product they are considering and to inquire of their supplier's background.  

Should any customer have a question, we encourage them to contact the consumer's hotline provided by UPRtek or listed on our web site at .for more information concerning the legal representatives of our products and how to protect themselves against such business practices as mentioned here that might infringe upon their rights." 

Please proceed with caution when encountering such companies and only trust official distributors for MK350 Led meters. Arrant-Light is the official distributor in Scandinavia, Baltic countries and Russia. 

Please contact us for any questions.