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Citizen Electronics COB LEDs have an efficacy up to 186lm/WTo get more information on Citizen COB, please contact our product manager, or leave your contact information on the for in the right. 

You can download a selection simulator from below. With the simulator you can insert your own currents etc and find a suitable COB product. Our product manager will hel you if you need any.  

Citizen Electronics' COB Series is meant for the projects needing high efficacy and high luminous output. Our customers are using COBs for example in street lighting, office lighting and shop lighting. 

Citizen Electronics' COBs have a huge range of products; from the smallest CLL012 producing around 350 lumens to the largest and most powerful CLU054 producing over 20000 lumens. These products are all compliant with MacAdam 3-step, so you won’t have to worry about color binning.  

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