Citizen COB LEDs generation 3 – What has changed from the last generation?

Citizen has released brand new generation 3 COB LEDs. Is this post I go through briefly what changes and advantages this update brings to Citizen LEDs.

First thing which is noticeable with new LEDs is that product code changes from e.g. CLL022 to CLU024. Third letter has been changed to ‘U’ to inform that generation 3 COBs are UL recognized components.

Most powerful of the generation 3: CLU054

Most powerful of the generation 3: CLU054

Citizen has managed to improve LED performance significantly in generation 3 products compared to the last generation. One of the main updates has been done to package performance, which has allowed better light extraction from generation 3 LED package. Other main update has been in LED die inside package. These new LED dies do not allow only better performance, but also give you the possibility to have even wider current range used with LED. In practice this means 50% wider overdriving range compared to generation 2 LEDs.

What is the best about these generation 3 packages besides great performance improvement is that outlines and mechanical dimensions remain the same. So you can easily update these new products to your existing luminaire designed for previous Citizen LEDs. This also means that all the accessories designed for previous versions still work with new LEDs.

When you are considering update from generation 2 to generation 3, please keep in mind that most probably you will find four suitable options from generation 3 LEDs to replace your existing LED. Generation 3 will give you much more freedom to choose from significant improvement in efficacy, getting balanced performance update or getting economical lumens with same efficacy. If you need help in the selection, I will be happy to help you.

Smallest of the new generation 3: CLU024

Smallest of the new generation 3: CLU024

Citizen has also increased minimum color rendering index for generation 3 from Ra65(min) to Ra70(min). These Ra70 products allow very high lumen output with excellent luminous efficacy. This also allows wider usage of high efficacy LEDs in places where Ra70 is minimum requirement.

If you have some questions or comments about Citizen LEDs, please contact me directly or comment below.

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