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5 ways to reduce packaging waste and make them more user-friendly

Recycling of the carton boxes

To us, it’s very important how the components that we import have been packed. Our aim is to minimize the excess packaging waste, to avoid plastic and to design a packaging that is user-friendly, easy and effortless to handle. The same goes with our components as well. In this blog post, I will be explaining 5 ways, how we minimize the amount of waste in our packaging and make them easier to use.

1. No excess plastic

It’s easy to use bubble wrap to protect the products for shipping. How ever, we prefer to favor alternative methods, so the packaging will produce the least amount of waste. For the past few years, we have brainstormed with our suppliers on how to minimize the amount of plastic in packaging. For example, from now on, our products will not be packed in individual plastic bags.

2. The packaging materials must be easy to recycle

Sometimes cardboard packages have been stapled with metal staples, which makes recycling more difficult. We opt to use plastic- or paper tape to secure them instead.

3. No wasted space in packages

Transporting air across the globe is very un-ecological and expensive. That is why we want our packages to contain the products, and not packaging waste and air. This is an efficient way to reduce shipping costs. We also ask our suppliers to pack the drivers directly into boxes, without individual packaging.

Picture of the 60W Lifud driver

Lifud 60W driver without the strain relieves

4. No excessive waste

The use of strain relieves in drivers divides the opinions and to some luminaire manufacturers, they are just waste. Therefore, it is possible to choose to order the majority of our drivers with or without the strain relieves. This is another way to reduce the amount of waste.

5. Stickers – the solution for easier storage

As well as the packaging materials, we have made our products more user-friendly with stickers. For example, our aLED-cooling element cartons have stickers on the side with a picture of the product and the key information. These make storing easier when the products are easily found.

Logo of the Lifud brand

Arrant-Light Oy is the new official distributor of the Lifud-drivers in Scandinavia and Russia. The Lifud drivers we import has customized packaging without excessive plastic. The original plastic trays have been replaced with cardboard option, and the drivers are not individually packaged. This way the luminaire manufacturer doesn’t need to worry about the high quantity of waste from the packaging materials of the components, therefore speeding up the production process.

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