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Letter For Customers and Partners

Janne Mäkinen, Managing Director, Arrant-Light

Janne Mäkinen

I am very pleased to be writing this letter to our customers and partners – and to thank all of you who have trusted us over these past 30 years, helping us to sustain and grow the company.

The history of Arrant-Light Oy dates back 30 years to when my father, Tarmo Mäkinen, founded the company in 1984. The company initially focused on long-life fluorescent lamps and light bulbs, and very early on began offering a group replacement service for large companies. In the 1990s, the company expanded into supplying lighting components to luminaire manufacturers. Today, Arrant-Light Oy is a specialised supplier of lighting components, with LED components and related drivers, optics and accessories forming the largest product group. From the very beginning, the company has been driven by a principle of delivering best-in-class products that are easy to use and have a long service life.

Arrant-Light Oy currently delivers over 20,000 components a day to 11 countries and is the market leader in white LEDs in Scandinavia and the Baltic countries, with a more than 40% share of the market. Most of our customers benefit from a 24h delivery of stocked items.

With 30 years of experience under our belt, we are well placed to bring our customers the latest products with the highest efficacy. We engage in continuous research and development with our current suppliers and partners, and we will also be announcing the addition of new suppliers and interesting brands later this year.

To celebrate our 30 years in business, we decided to redesign our company logo. The new logo

Logo for the new aLED brand

Logo for the new aLED brand

will be followed by the introduction of aLED, the new brand name for Arrant-Light Oy’s own LED modules and other components. The aLED brand will also include a number of carefully selected products from our partners. aLED is a guarantee of quality and reliable delivery at a competitive price.
Our website at has also been given a makeover. The site is now even easier to navigate, and our aim is to increase the amount of easily available information on the site to make it a useful resource for professionals. Why not take a look at the new website!

I would again like to thank everyone for the past 30 years. I am confident that we can continue to provide You with the best service and products in the market. Development is an ongoing process.

Best wishes for autumn days filled with light,

Janne Mäkinen
Managing Director
Arrant-Light Oy