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We’ve been supplying components for lighting manufacturers and wholesalers since 1984. Arrant-Light’s product range includes over 5000 items. Our expertise enables us to provide our customers with the best modern lighting solutions available. 

Supplying to 11 Countries

We ship daily over 20000 products to Nordic countries, Baltics, Russia and Eastern Europe. Most components are sent within 24 hours from the order. This way we can guarantee fast delivery even in the most urgent and demanding projects. 

Lighting the Future

We only offer components that are reliable, energy efficient and easy to install. Our high-quality products represent the latest innovations in lighting technology. Our goal is to light the way for our industry both today and tomorrow.

BLOG | 13.02.2018

Mikroaaltosensorit: Näin tehostat valaistuksen toiminnallisuutta

Tässä tekstissä käsittelen mikroaaltosensoreita – siis liiketunnistimia – ja kerron, miten niitä voi hyödyntää valaistuksessa. Sensoreiden avulla voit...

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BLOG | 13.02.2018

Microwave Sensors: How to Utilize Them in Lighting?

This blog post deals with microwave sensors. Especially how they are used with general lighting components to realize intelligent lighting systems. So...

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BLOG | 18.10.2017

Miksi valita uusi aLED-moduuli

Suunnittelimme aLED-moduulimme uudestaan saamamme asiakas- ja markkinapalautteen perusteella. Tässä lyhyt selvitys siitä, mikä on erona vanhaan versio...

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