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Why Heat Pipe is Better than Traditional Heat Sink?

You will need a heat sink when you use a COB led for your luminaire. The traditional way of transferring the heat away from the light source is to use passive aluminum heat sink. In this post, I introduce another solution for cooling the led: Heat pipe.

Traditional heat sinks are based on the fact that aluminum transfers heat away from the light source. The higher the power of the led is, the more you need aluminum.

This grows the luminaire’s size and makes it more expensive. The bigger size of the luminaire makes logistics costs go up and increases the price for end user even more.

There is another solution for the high power leds without the need for noisy fans etc: Heat pipe.

Heat pipe technology is traditionally being used in computers and for example in satellites. But now it is available in lighting.

Furukawa Heat Pipes (HYC Series)

Furukawa HYC Series uses heat pipe technology to transfer the heat and makes heat sinks more efficient in cooling the LED.

how heat pipe works

How Heat Pipe Works

Heat Pipe’s thermal conductivity is almost 200 times better compared to copper. This allows the heat sink to be a lot smaller than we are used to.

Smaller heat sink reduces the weight of the luminaire dramatically. This reduces the transportation costs as well as the amount of other materials needed.

The heat pipes effectively transfer heat from the heat source throughout the whole heat sink cooling the heat source faster than ever.

Unlike many Chinese manufacturers, Furukawa uses oxyzen-free copper in its heat pipes, which means that their lifetime is over 20 years.

Heat Pipe vs. No Heat Pipe

Heat Pipe vs. No Heat Pipe

Save money and environment with our product

aLED Engine

aLED Light Engine (Furukawa heat pipe + Citizen COB + optics + aLED Driver)

Now I want to introduce you our own aLED Light engine that uses Furukawa heat pipe with Citizen COB. aLED Light Engine produces over 40.000 lm and weights only 1 kg (without driver and optics). And only 3.6kg with optics and driver.

By combining Citizen COB and heat pipe technology, you can build luminaires that:

  • Produce a lot of light
  • Are light in weight and small in size
  • Save environment
  • Are completely recyclable

Heat pipe is very lightweight. You can get a lot of light with a smaller luminaire.

Furukawa heat pipes are compatible with Citizen CLU04x and CLU05x COB leds.

Download an example of different led + heat pipe combinations and datasheets for custom models with screwholes for Citizen COBs.

Download Here