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Season’s Greetings From Arrant-Light Oy

Dear Customers and Partners,

It has come again the time of the year when all jobs have been done and it is time to spend a peaceful and relaxing Christmas holiday with our families.

Past year has been globally very unstable and time of the big changes. It feels like everything has changed and we are starting to live in the other world than we are used to do. One of the biggest news has been alerting information of global warming and how fast the climate has already changed and will be changing. We as companies and persons working at the lighting business, we are in the positions where we can do a lot to make our products more efficient and require better quality. That way we can make our part to moderate climate change and help the Earth to save. Our future choices can be a big and important part of this huge and needed change in the world.

We at Arrant-Light Oy have done this year a lot of work to find out how we can make our products more efficient and give them longer lifetime. We have also done many studies and investments what comes to the packing materials. We should think of how we can make them better recyclable and how we can avoid using the unnecessary plastic on it. It is a benefit of all of us, that we try to use every day higher quality, higher efficient, and eco-friendly parts and components in our products. I hope that in the future we can have together open discussion of these topics and make together our products all the time better and better and that way get them meet today’s environmental requirements.

As many years earlier, we have used our Christmas present funds for the Save the Children Organization. Donated funds will be used for local young people who need economical support to finish their studies and help them to go forward in their life.   
It is again our pleasure to thank all of you for the past year 2018 and for the good co-operation.

I wish You a peaceful Christmas Holiday time and all the success for coming Year 2019.


Janne Mäkinen
Managing Director

What is aLED?

We released a new brand for our products; aLED. At first this brand is used along with our led modules, but later there will be more products to be labelled aLED.

There might be some people, possibly you, wondering what does aLED stand for? And why did we decide to create such a brand? Let me tell you.

aLED was formed during the spring and summer of 2014. There were many reasons behind the decision to create the brand and in this post I’m going open up those reasons.

Logo for the new aLED brand

Logo for the new aLED brand

  1. Warranty

We wanted to be able to give our customers a clear warranty. There can be many parties in the manufacturing process of a LED module. There is the PCB manufacturer, LED manufacturer, connector manufacturer etc. And all they give a different warranties and different conditions for those warranties. We wanted to give our customers a straightforward warranty:

aLED Module will last for at least 5 years. If it breaks while being used in a proper way before that, we will make it up to you.

  1. Delivery time

We got tired of the fact that the estimation of the delivery time for LED modules is guessing at best. PCBs are coming on one day, LEDs at another day and connectors on another. The company manufacturing the actual modules has time for production two months from now. We, and more importantly, our customers can never know when they get their products. We wanted to make this clear:

aLED Modules will be shipped in 48 hours after the purchase order.

aLED Module

aLED Module

  1. Variations in chromaticity

Our customers want to have guarantees that the module they order is actually near the right nominal color temperature. We have had these issues before and we know that everyone has had these issues. With the quality of the LEDs we use we can now guarantee the minimal variations in chromaticity.  So when you order your first module, all the following modules will have very little variation in chromaticity. To get an LED to exactly to a certain color temperature is near impossible, but we are working towards this.

  1. Right components

To be able to guarantee the quality of a LED module, all the components must be top quality. The modules are as good as the weakest link. We have taken a lot of time and effort to find the best possible components: the best PCBs, the best connectors, the best LED components and the best place to manufacture those modules.

  1. Customization possibilities

We know that our customers are different. For some the standard modules will be good enough and they can stand out with their luminaire design, price or some other factors. For some customers, the shape and type of the module is THE THING. That is the reason that we can offer customized modules to you. If you need soldered wires instead of connectors: you can have them. If you need customize shape with certain light distribution: you can have it. If you need anything else: you can have it. Delivery time might be a bit longer, but all the other guarantees still stand even for a customized module.

LED Module, which can be used in luminaire needing good light distribution.

Square shaped aLED Module.

  1. Best price

Everyone wants the perfect product for a perfect price. That’s what we have been aiming for. We have optimized the supply chain and negotiated good deals with component manufacturers. That is the reason we can offer you the best possible price.

These all might sound obvious, but they are not. We know that there has been problems and we have even had those problems ourselves. That is the main reason behind the aLED brand. We want to give you, our customers, a certain level of guarantee. We want to make the selection of LED module as safe and easy as possible.

Letter For Customers and Partners

Janne Mäkinen, Managing Director, Arrant-Light

Janne Mäkinen

I am very pleased to be writing this letter to our customers and partners – and to thank all of you who have trusted us over these past 30 years, helping us to sustain and grow the company.

The history of Arrant-Light Oy dates back 30 years to when my father, Tarmo Mäkinen, founded the company in 1984. The company initially focused on long-life fluorescent lamps and light bulbs, and very early on began offering a group replacement service for large companies. In the 1990s, the company expanded into supplying lighting components to luminaire manufacturers. Today, Arrant-Light Oy is a specialised supplier of lighting components, with LED components and related drivers, optics and accessories forming the largest product group. From the very beginning, the company has been driven by a principle of delivering best-in-class products that are easy to use and have a long service life.

Arrant-Light Oy currently delivers over 20,000 components a day to 11 countries and is the market leader in white LEDs in Scandinavia and the Baltic countries, with a more than 40% share of the market. Most of our customers benefit from a 24h delivery of stocked items.

With 30 years of experience under our belt, we are well placed to bring our customers the latest products with the highest efficacy. We engage in continuous research and development with our current suppliers and partners, and we will also be announcing the addition of new suppliers and interesting brands later this year.

To celebrate our 30 years in business, we decided to redesign our company logo. The new logo

Logo for the new aLED brand

Logo for the new aLED brand

will be followed by the introduction of aLED, the new brand name for Arrant-Light Oy’s own LED modules and other components. The aLED brand will also include a number of carefully selected products from our partners. aLED is a guarantee of quality and reliable delivery at a competitive price.
Our website at www.light.fi has also been given a makeover. The site is now even easier to navigate, and our aim is to increase the amount of easily available information on the site to make it a useful resource for professionals. Why not take a look at the new website!

I would again like to thank everyone for the past 30 years. I am confident that we can continue to provide You with the best service and products in the market. Development is an ongoing process.

Best wishes for autumn days filled with light,

Janne Mäkinen
Managing Director
Arrant-Light Oy